…I have wondered this day…what am I supposed to say to you? Did you expect an apology from me? The issue fell off the face of the earth. I like that approach typically. If it had stayed a debate, I would love that approach. But it did not stay in that realm. Instead, for the second time this week, I was “barked” at by you. That has never occurred before. Never, that I recall. Then I send you a note this morning, asking if you read my second note yesterday morning??? And I received…no reply. Incredible. Again, for going toward six years…I cannot recall that ever happening…?
Then you ask me tonight if I am still expecting company in the morning? What in hell am I going to say?? I suppose, it completely depends on which woman will knock at my door? Sorry, but it’s blatant at the moment that the job comes first. You know me…I HAVE TO BE SECOND to the man in your life, I simply refuse to be second to the job. Period. Even if it means I lose you, I will take that easier than being second to everything else important in your life.
You and I, we come form strangely far different worlds. Your feelings are hurt and I am the “bad guy.” And I am bad because I choose to debate the inadequacies of a stupid law. Somehow, we instantly go from that to you being retarded??? Caught me wayyy off guard. I did not see that coming. But you seemed quite happy with it and having to call Steve to…well, I don’t know what?…to prove he drove to Seattle??? That was never my point. Nor do I want to discuss it with you ever again. I am divorced from sick pay. I do not care how it is handled going forward.
As far as you coming over…? I will never turn you away. It is not in me to do so. I can never stop loving you. That too is in me to not do so…though yesterday afternoon, I wonder why?
You can come over. I would love to see you! I watched you as you stood and talked in Sedro today…you have no idea, you severely crossed your legs as you stood and talked. I watched that and wondered how you could keep your balance?? And I though to myself then…if this bitch was alone with me those legs would not be crossed. I growl, and I think that way. Want to bark at me about it??? I don’t think so.
So…the morning. I make you no promises Darlene. If you are coming here to be soft and cuddly, its best you go on to work. I was promised a great week…and so far…at least TODAY was okay. Funny how I can make my great week in an instant…I don’t need five days…I’ll accept 90 minutes.
But seriously, if you do not want to be spanked or swallow…go to work instead. Barking at me…not a good comfort area for me. Not from the woman I love.
And…I do love you. How you chose to deal with that…is up to you!
Sleep gentle Darlene. Just sleep…your body needs it…

4 thoughts on “Darlene…

  1. James ..
    I’ve mite thing .. I thought fun or nasty thoughts during the presentation today too!!
    So I still am myself!!
    Just sayin .. don’t think you are all alone!!
    Me !

  2. Thank you for taking my call ..
    it rang so many times I wasn’t sure if you were going to pick up!
    Thank you fir doing so.
    I would like to come over in the morning . I want to see you!!
    And shit the main reason I called you .. I forgot to tell you!! This will make you smile!!
    So remember on the way home I said Clark owed me some new underwear .. well guess what !? I had a bulge at the bottom of my pants I noticed when I got back to the office !! So I touched it and put my hands up my pant leg abd yep a pair of underwater came out !? Inabiyt died!! I quickly put in my purse!!
    You know what .. you told me once that if I had been bad just to tell you .. so I am!
    Will you just let this week go ?? I love you!!
    I am sorry !
    Can we please be ourselves?? Making fun of people and touching each other !! 😉

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