…being “nasty” makes me giggle.  but I love that you give it an effort. 🙂  me, I am nasty.  I was just sitting here thinking about Tuesday…a near 600 mile drive…who knows, I may make you do some nasty things for my enjoyment?  like flashing those puppies to a few truck drivers 🙂  or removing your bra for the drive over and flashing ME those puppies 🙂  Oh trust me, I could think of a lot of nasty things you little tart.  and I’ve said before and I will again…I love that you do as your told.  of course, you don’t have to do as your told and in the car I have no reprieve for such insolence.  but I can see me pulling out my hard cock and make you stroke me until I cum… 🙂

hmmmm? seems I have a few things to think about. 🙂  I love you woman.  thank you for a nice day…and buying my coffee.  sleep gentle this night…I will, after watching a video.  (running makes me quite horny) 🙂  I love you…  me

2 thoughts on “You…

  1. Good Sunday morning ..
    And I am looking forward to a good day!! My carpets look pretty darn good!! However I think after 17 years we should replace them? They have held up well!!
    The movie was cute .. reminded me a lot of you.. that made it fun! I have to say beiing a girl is much easier I think??
    I think I should point out the obvious .. I beat you this mirning!! I did I did !! Wow see Wolsey!! :/)
    You are off to pick up some weights today .. if I were your wifey .. I would ride with and we would get coffee and stop some where fir a hike. I think I want to start that again .. fun but o want you with!! Mmm how to manage that!!
    Time for coffee!
    I live you on the day!!

  2. Your post made me smile!!
    We watched the movie .. it was cute!!
    Brought me back to my childhood!!
    I love you!

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