April 15…

and I am very happy I took the day off to be with Tana. She needed her mom fix and I enjoyed my time with her. I have been with her from 8 this morning till just now 4:45 with her and her little family. She said it was the best birthday she had had in years.. it was really nice to hear her say that. 🙂

How are you feeling?? I hope better?? You are so cute.. you always make me feel good.. saying when I was talking to you that this was the best you have felt all day?? ha ha

I will check the blog before I leave in the morning to see if you are feeling ok. I mean you want to be at your best if you are going to be let go. 🙁

I really don’t have much to say tonight .. to be honest I feel a little numb. I have a strange weird feeling that my world is about to change and to be even more honest .. it has nothing to do with you. I can’t really explain.. but I sense something.

I am super tired and I am hoping I do not have to watch Tana’s kids tonight. They were not sure the babysitter was going to work.. ahhhhh I hope she does.

I love you got to go!!